Wow. So Old.


Well around last month, the server turned four years old.
It's crazy when you really think about how old the server is. People coming and going, Users and staff alike. I started playing sometime around 2012, I found the server when I got sick of creating random cities in creative.
The first thing I saw when going on the server was the huge hole (This was the second spawn I think. Correct me if i'm wrong.), apart from the signs telling you how to register and log on. Things were way different back then, like how the server only had two worlds (Survival, and Factions) and how there were no modded servers. The staff and people were a bit different, but then and now, the people of lolnet are still pretty cool.
A lot of stuff happened between three years. Minecraft grew and so did the server, adding new things and features.
I'm not exactly the oldest lolnet user, but ehh.

It's cool when you get to see things evolve.
I don't really know why I posted this, I guess I just wanted to acknowledge the server.
Have a nice day.


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