Won't be on for a few days :(


Hey guys. Its danthemab. Unfortunately, ever since Saturday Afternoon, my internet Data ran out. :cry: And how does this affect me being able to come on Lolnet? Well the reason is that when i come on, the chat is so out of place and also interacting with items is so annoying :x . Usually my internet runs at 100 Mbps, but without it, its at 11-24 Mbps :evil: . So don't expect me to be on Lolnet for over 5 minutes Until problably Wednesday or later. I'm going to come on each day to test how the servers going on my computer but if I leave suddenly, do expect it. So I guess its bye for now :cry: . I might try to Post on the forums some stuff i have in mind to do.


Ps: All Griefers away from my house! Or I think Mr Wither here will have other plans for you :twisted: . "Wither Cry"