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Hey guys.
I was wondering if there was any chance withers will make there way to skyblock?
I understand the can be used as a major greifing tool and complete respect your decisions for it. But I would love to take my skyblock to the max and get them beacons. I mean...they have a value of 150 so why not. :) I love the server and the people on it but i'm not sure if my word as a mere user will make a change let alone be looked at but I really dont want to make make a new skyblock.


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Withers are a good idea if you could spawn them in a certain area. A possible idea could be to make a bedrock arena in the nether so that there can be a place where users can warp to (A sign at spawn) spawn and destroy the wither. Only 1 thing is I dont know if you can disable Wither spawning in all placed except that one area. I do extremely like the idea but Yeah, If used incorrectly people can go and greif the Higher leveled islands with the wither.

over all it is a Good idea but just dont trust all the possible greifers if the Wither was spawned under the wrong hands.

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I agree Whithers would be nice in skyblock and also like the neither idea too, perhaps not in a box made from bedrock.