Why aren't i Gold VIP?!?


Right, Iv'e donated $20 to the server once again for Gold VIP and it's been almost 4 weeks!
Iv'e told james and Schnicks the fellow admins of the server but still nothing, James said something about a new rank system for new permissions ect.. But iv'e noticed another Gold VIP on the server.

Would be good if Cptwin could either solve this issue or remind me or other user's of a future new rank system.

Regards Blair.


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just a quick note on donations
firstly the definition 1. The act of giving to a fund or cause. 2. A gift or grant.
this does not imply you get anything in return and when you donate you should not expect anything nor is the receiver obliged to give you anything the fact that servers do give you some perks for donating is a bonus but it is not a given.

now that we have cleared that up I'm sure cptwin will look into it for you but ranks were suspended until the donation groups were updated this was listed on the donation page until recently when the new ranks were posted there.

cheers Dez