Whos IceCubesBurning?

Wait? Theres a section for this type of thing? Well this is a little overdue but,

Hey, I'm IceCubesBurning.

I've been on lolnet since around the end of July and if you often are on the minecraft server, you'll probably know who i am, but y'know, why not make this post? I have developed quite a lot of friends on lolnet, and lolnet is also responsible for making my life less miserable than it was going to be, cause i always know that when im down, i can log on to an AWESOME server and chill with some awesome pals. Thanks for the epic server guys. Lul. So im pretty much always on the server, i probably spend to much time on it, but hey, im havin fun :)

Hope I didn't waste to much of your time today,if so,with the rest of it have an awesome time.


Minecraft Username
Usually i'd say "Welcome to Lolnet", but you've already been welcome here since you've joined, so i'd like to tell you that it always makes us happy when we see others having a good time! :D We hope you continue having a good time on Lolnet and we give you a congrats on becoming user of the month!