Who is this "NZStephenF"


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So this is where you make an introduction of yourself eh?
Well let's start off with my name. My name is Stephen, which hences the NZStephenF. I'm 18 (in a couple of weeks I become 19) and I'm from the Manawatu!

My name is quite generic, you'll find me on certain services like Steam, DOTA, WoW (I don't play WoW) and other things with this username. I'm a pretty nice person to get to know and talk to. Just don't wind me up and stir the pot because you'll feel my rage.

Hobbies - I like to listen to music alot! Watch a bit of TV and use the interwebs.
I like creating websites and play GTA & Minecraft! Both games are great in their own way.

Forgot to mention, add me on Xbox with the user "NZStephenF" ;)

I do YouTube videos and most of the people here probably did a background check on me ;)
So when you google "NZStephenF", you can put a face to this username.

I don't really know what to say from here,
Just /mail me and we can have a good chinwag :D