What is up lolnet


Yo lolnet its me that guy you dont remember but has always been here watching and checkin up on yall to make sure your all behavin, now you may noticed that i havent been on in a century or two well its because ive found a badass free to play known as warframe, it is essentially a space ninja third person multiplayer shooter, and i thought that since we didnt have a clan on this must have game it would be wise for me to remind you that you have a pretty polished open beta free to play just seconds away from your desktop now if your interested i'll leave this right here: https://warframe.com/ and if you aint no harm done.

see you on the battlefield tenno



I remember you lorddoug. I haven't seen you on lolnet for Months. Quick please help us destroy the hackers that have invaded the integrity of lolnet. :lol: Our server's in calamity! Griefers and hackers everywhere! :shock: