Well, Life just got harder.


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So recently in the life of xDill's ...

My friend Lx_Gaming and I have taken upon a NCEA Level 2 Digital Technology class in which gives us a basic understanding of programming etc later on in the year. So Lx created a plugin a few weeks ago called the 'LxPlugin' in which we "tested" during class times. The plugin is a very nice one considering he just started java coding. I thought to myself that one day I might actually have the brains to produce such Java coding even if it isn't "Top Notch" coding. Over the past 3 weeks of school I have kept saying, "Ohai Lx, You should teach meh how to code" in which he would usually respond, "No." Finally 20th Of February 2015, I (xDill) finally downloaded Eclipse and got Lx to give me a basic start of creating a plugin.

So far after about 2 hours of having Eclipse I have sort of developed the start of a 'Learners' plugin which has taught me basics of coding simple a simple Mc plugin (With ALOT of help from Lx & the bukkit wiki page)

I was just wondering if in the future that i actually got good at this sort of stuff, what players like in a plugin wheter it being receiving an Op weapon as a One time item or something like that. I dont even know if im going to actually post this beginner's code so people can actually see it for them selves but i will include a IMGUR image of the basic code i have produced again with a lot of help from Lx_Gaming.

Imgur Album Link: http://imgur.com/a/Z6Rns#0

Thanks for reading this long forum post about my boring life and my learnings of Java coding. If you have any comments etc then post below :D

Thanks Again,
xDill :applegold: