Water Bug that Bugs me


I am bugged by something that is an obvious bug!
Just for clarification, I pretty much have not played any single player since the 1.5.1 update, so I do not know if this is a game software issue or a server problem or both.

Where to start?? hows about over there by that arrow.
:arrow: Ever placed a bucket of water for what ever reason in a cave on the server, and then when you removed the water, a new and random source block was created, despite your bucket being full of the water source you brought with you on your adventure/mining expedition? Well, I have, and so has my brother (Pheen).

Now, that being a minor issue, the real issue I have here is about my stacked water harvesting wheat/carrot/potato farm.
what that has been happening is random source blocks of water have been appearing on my farm lands, drenching the majority of my farm due to their stacked nature.
The thing is though, these water source blocks have been appearing without me or my brother flicking the harvest switch! my farm harvested itself the other day and I don't want to replant in case it harvests itself before its grown!
I have a hunch that lag makes the pistons go down and lets water out, and then the bug comes along and makes source block!
This is most terribly frustrating as my nice farm land gets random blotches of dirt!

So, lag + bug = :x


P.S Pheen doesn't come on forums.

P.S.S I got User Assistant KRIMZIN to check the water block data value one time when it happened, and no one had been trolling me and placed it, all the info said was "placed 23 hours ago".