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Vanilla + is a new modpack from FTB. As you might suspect it is pretty close to vanilla minecraft. Many of the ideas we used in the Kingdoms server are in it, like Chisel, Carpenters Blocks, and Props. Props mod now has even more stuff, hundreds of items to decorate your base with.

The mod also has a lot of little mods that enhance the Vanilla experience without changing a lot about the game. No magic spells, no jetpacks, no new mobs looking to kill you. But you will have Barrels to put your items in, Hopper Ducts to help move your items, lots of new stuff for Redstone contraptions, NEI to show you the recipes, and Railcraft to let you make better ChooChoo trains. Plus tons of new crops to grow, and lots of new foods to cook up.

The modpack is very lite, and almost anyone who can play regular minecraft should be able to run it.

I'm going to be building a town at spawn the old fashioned way, totally in survival. So don't expect a whole lot to get done quick. You can log in and run off into the wilds and have fun. Mytown2 will be on the server to help you protect things.