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Hey guys,
With name changes coming out soon we need to clarify a few things!

1) We do not suggest you change your usernames as of yet (especially modded players). There are some plugins and mods still going by username.

2) It is not our responsibility if you lose any modded data or player data.

3) We will let you know if you are able to change your name safely. Be aware this might be months.

4) We have done the best to our servers for this change, however alot of mods and plugins still go by username and there is nothing we can do about this.

So if you choose to change your name, it is not our responsibility if you lose any data. You may message us (Admins) if you think it's something we could fix.

Arns and the Admin Team


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To add to what Arns has said:

Things i expect might be affected are Quests and systems like HardcoreQuesting Mode, Reasearch such as Thaumcraft or Ars Majica, progression in things like killing bosses. Skyblock accomplishments, Mcmmo, death counts, currency systems, player and mob kills. Claims with protection programs is another big one. Just with mojang servers down for a bit, we had people not able to get into their claims in a couple of instances.

Before you change names, I would recommend the following:

1. Wait a bit. Things are always buggy at first
2. Do some research into things. If you're worried about your Thaumcraft research, go look on the TC forums. Is anyone complaining or talking about it?
3. Stay up to date on our forums. We'll post bugs and problems if we know about them.

Finally, remember that it's Your Choice to change your name, and the responsibility will fall on you. We'll help as usual, but be patient and don't blame staff if we can't fix the problem immediately...or ever.