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I was toying with the idea of waiting for a while until things had settled down with the changes that are going down with the server, but ultimately decided that I simply couldn't sit around and wait all that time. With that said, here's my application for the UserAssistant position.

The Key Points

Why do you want to become a User Assistant?
Having been a member of the server for several years, I've grown to consider pretty much everyone I know on here a friend. I feel that the time is right for me to get serious and finally give something back to the community, after all they've given to me.

Why do you believe you should be a User Assistant?
While in the past I was known for "getting my jimmies rustled" over stupidly insignificant things and earning the ire of some staff member, I feel that I have overcome that phase of my life, and I actively try to help people with any issues they may have that I have the capacity to aid them with. I'm friendly, mature, have a clean sense of humor in public, and consider each and every person equal, be they new player, veteran or staff.

What can you contribute to Creation Reborn as a User Assistant?
I've actually had a couple ideas brewing in my head for a while as to events that Lolnet could host, which I genuinely feel would be rather popular. Aside from that, I'm logged in a lot of the time, and would be around quite often to help field any problems or other enquiries that players may have.

Previous Experience and Skills

(Please note, experience is not necessary, Everyone has to start somewhere)

What mods/modpacks do you have experience with?
I've dabbled my toes in almost every pack that the server has hosted over the years. I'm rather well versed with most, if not all of the common mods (the Thermal set of mods, EnderIO, Immersive Engineering, Botania, Astral Sorcery, Thaumcraft, etc.)

Are you playing on a modpack currently? which one?
At the moment I'm playing through Stoneblock 2 with a fresh start (thanks to xElementzx) although I plan to go between that and Enigmatica 2 Expert: Skyblock.

Have you setup or operated a Minecraft server before? Do you have experience in Administering or Moderating Minecraft servers or other games?
Back in the days when Minecraft Classic was a thing, I was an Op on one server I played on quite frequently. I was actually a User Assistant on here on two separate occasions previously - the first time I lost my status due to a period of inactivity, and as for the second time I'll be covering that in more depth a bit further down.

What experience do you have with using plugins (Adamantine Shield, ReportRTS) as a moderating tool?
Having had the previous experience as a User Assistant, I have had experience with ReportRTS, and although I haven't used Adamantine Shield before, it looks simple enough that I do not see any issues with me getting the hand of it easily.

What skills (outside of Minecraft) could you provide Creation Reborn? How would these help the server? (eg: Website Design, Graphic Design, Experience with running other game servers etc)
As I've previously stated, I have had experience helping out on Minecraft servers in the past. Outside of that however, I have recently completed my Diploma in Business and Enterprise, and would relish the chance to be able to apply the skills I've picked up from my studies to help Creation Reborn grow and attract more and more players.

Examples of Contribution to the server:

What is an example of a time when you acted like a moderator? (Conflict resolution, helped a newbie, community spirit)
Recently, when I've seen people acting up in chat and drawing the irritation of other players, and in the absence of other staff members, rather than getting in a twist I give a friendly reminder to players about how they can use the /ignore function to block chat messages from a player. I also like to welcome new players logging in when I see them, and help them find a server that they will enjoy.

What is an example of a time where you weren't so moderator like? (Argued with another player, exploited a bug, tried to use x-ray)
Hoo boy, this is the part I was worried about typing. Buckle in, this is gonna be a bit of a ride.

As I mentioned above, I was a User Assistant on two separate occasions. The second time, I lost my UA privileges because I griefed another player, and was rightly banned. While I personally consider my case rather minor compared to other stories I've seen, the simple fact of the matter is that I broke another player's building without permission, and that was a stupid thing to do. Upon being unbanned, the first thing I did was apologise to the player in question, and offer them compensation in the way of, not only replacing what I had broken of theirs, but also giving them quite a significant amount of resources they would have missed out on. Long story short, I made a mistake, I was rightly punished, and I genuinely regret said mistake.

Aside from that, my attitude towards other players in the past has been... unsavoury at times. As many staff have witnessed, I tended to take stupid, insignificant things that other people said personally, and ended up getting worked up in chat as a result. This led to several occasions where I was slapped with a warning or a mute. While at the time I often argued with certain staff members about the supposed injustices that I was suffering, in hindsight I am utterly embarrassed about the attitude I displayed towards both players and staff. While I feel that I am now in a better place, have my life sorted, and now realise that each and every player is worthy of respect and not toxicity, I understand that my reputation among staff was, and possibly still is, soured. To be honest, I would completely understand if my application is declined for that, although I sincerely hope that you at least give me serious consideration given my now-improved attitude.

About You:

Time Zone and when are you typically online. (We are looking for a diverse range of timezones to have more staff available more often):
I live in New Zealand, and am generally on anywhere between the hours of 12:00pm and 2:00am.


How would you like to improve Creation Reborn? What can we do better to make using the server better?
While I feel that the way the server is currently being run is simply second to no other server I've played on, there is always room for improvement. As I said above, I have ideas for a couple of events that I feel would be fun, exciting, and honestly something I haven't seen happen on here before. While I don't want to give anything away just yet, one of the events I had in mind involves the "fish slap" plugin that used to be a part of the lobby (for those who don't know what I mean, it was a plugin where hitting another player with a fish would knock them back a significant distance.)

Do you own a microphone/headset? and have you used our Discord server before?
Yes, yes and yes =) While I don't go in voice chat in Discord all that often, joining the User Assistant team would give me the excuse to join in once in a while.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
Nothing really that I haven't already mentioned - I genuinely hope that my actions in the past haven't muddied your opinion of me in the present, and that you can take my application into serious consideration.

Thank you for reading, and long live Creation Reborn!


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Congratulations, you got promoted! XD
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