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I put in another user assainitnt forum and haven't heard back I have put in two now how come I haven't got a reply please reply and vote for me


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you got a reply on the first one and the second one was also declined


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Ka by like i said before, you want to become a user assistant. And I think that thats great. However, if you recall i did say: Do not spam the forums, it will only get your request declined. So no offence and you may think that you have not spammed the forums but you certainly did. So that is why your request was denied.

So please read the explanation given to you on your last user assistant application before making yet another post on the forums asking why it was declined. So re-read over the post i said before about what you need to do to get user assistant. If you read that you wouldn't have out a user assistant application in, as you only had 4 posts.

So please take into other consideration what others have said to you and advised you to do before you make more posts asking questions