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do many play on the server anymore ? looking at the dashboard im seeing like 3 players ? i would hate to see the server head down the same way lolnet went.


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We ain't going anywhere any time soon.

Lolnet didn't go away due to low player numbers so Creation Reborn isn't following in the same footsteps. Current player numbers are largely due to inability to host modern packs, and intentionally not trying to drum up player numbers because we had backroom plans. We were waiting for sponge to update for the longest time and it took so long to update we decided to rebuild the entire backend instead. You can read some of the details in the Discord, check #mc-general after registering.

Until then the servers are running in maintenance mode. You can still make modreqs if you notice a server isn't online but you'll probably notice some stuff is broken that we just aren't going to fix. The majority of server development is working on new backend stuff. Once that's done we'll try to push for players again. The Discord will probably be the easiest place to hear about it when it drops