Trick or Treat Street


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Event Briefing

You find yourselves trapped in a small, dark street. You hear the wolves howling not far behind you. You have to run and hide. You know it's not a good idea to enter other peoples houses without permission but everyone seems to have fled the area and you have no where else to go. But wait, this place looks familiar... Oh no... It's Trick or Treat Street. The street well known for being overly festive at Halloween. Some of the house owners are generous and always offer treats without hesitation, others don't like sharing treats and always trick you. Most are a mix in between, they make you earn the treats. You must risk entering the houses in order to escape the wolf pack. There are 4 wolves from what you can tell, they don't sound friendly, you know they won't show mercy, and before while you were fleeing you caught a glimpse of some sharp claws...

You must fend for yourself and yourself only. Leave the others behind. The wolves WILL NOT stop until there is only one person left.

Look carefully for the TREATS hidden in chests around the map.
Be very cautious of everything that may be TRICKS the house owners laid out.
Most importantly, STAY ALIVE!

Event Information

There are no requirements, everyone is free to enter!
Date: Saturday 1st November
Time: 8:00pm NZT
Wolves: Tyranalar, Beats1110, GODINACLOWNSUITE, Whosurdaddylol
Aim: Be the last person alive
Extra info: There will be 3 rounds so there will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd placer. Failure to obey the rules will result in disqualification.


Note: The prize winner rankings will NOT be judged by who won the first, second or third game. It will be judged by who lasted the longest amount of TIME of the three survivors.

1st Place: 32 diamonds and a rainbow chestplate.
2nd Place: 24 diamonds and a pair of rainbow pants.
3rd Place: 16 diamonds and a rainbow helmet.

One lucky random person will be chosen on the spot to be awarded with a pair of rainbow boots!

Hope to see lots of you there! Happy Halloween! :twisted:
Tyran~ Rawr.


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Placings for the event:

1st. OutbackTurtle with the time: 10:15
2nd. MrDounut55: 7:13
3rd. _Unknown101: 5:23
Spot prize went to NZStephenF

Thank you to all participants c:
Photo creds go to the amazing Birreh ;3;