travelers market?


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I had a somewhat basic but what I think to be interesting idea spring into my head about selling, trading and buying. My idea -a basic concept (not meaning it would work completely)- was that a 'travelling market' of wagons and tents could be built, then an admin with 'W edit' permissions then could select that market and move it to any player village/town ready to recieve it(would need to have an area allotted for the market-or could arange to have cleared.). My idea is that players could request to rent or even build store/stalls and sell items in them to keep. I also had the idea that there could be an armour/weapons shop with enchanted items/custom armour provided by players (or staff-in this case the armour could change each season e.g. summer,autumn,winter, spring) to be sold in a center tent. The currency would be decieded by staff but i believe the most effective would be general server money for player trades and lolcoins for staff trades/staff provided items.

I hope this idea can bring something new, intering but also useful to the lolnet survival server and community :D

chur bros-xterm