To EVERY Lolnet User!


Minecraft Username
so this is something that every user should know but I have noticed some users dont.

***If your little brother or sister comes on to your account on lolnet. If they do something wrong.... YOU can still be banned. There is NO excuse for your siblings knowing your passwords etc***
If they come on lolnet the should know ALL rules and how to act. They should also be mature about things and not act like they are 11.

If they do something wrong you suffer aswell.

*Your account is YOUR responcibility*



I respect your opining in what you're saying and i see what you're coming from, but you can tell User's to not act like 11. I'm not sure if you're aware of but the MineCraft is a G rated game. Of course you'll get User's 11 and under. But either way, if they break the rules "Known or not" they will have a punishment.

Yeah nnewman but describing them as a 11 yr make it sound like being 11 sounds horrible so maybe u could edit that and put something else. A lot of users on lolnet are 11 and under. A lot of users like me 13 and older agree with u but since u put that there a few peps who will disagree