To Cptwin From Sheepy246


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Hi Cptwin Sheepy246 here for the Moderators Applications! :D

1.No I haven't ran a server before because I do not know how.
2.I am very good with WorldEdit but I do not know how to use WorldGuard (hoping someone can teach me)
3.I could provide 2-4 hours daily to the lolnet minecraft server and help lots of people!
4.I was an Admin on one of my friends servers and I helped lots of people on it eg:I helped people with designs for their houses and showed them around the server.
5.I argued with a person called XtremeMin3r about him thinking I griefed one of his friends servers by making all the land lava (I don't even know how to do that!)
6.I could make lots of towns on the server and invite lots of my friends from school onto the server! I will make the server Grief-Proof and argument proof. Just to prevent people hating one another.
7.I live on tauranga New Zealand and I am 11 years old. I go to Tauranga Intermediate School (T.I.S) and I am in a class of 33 people.I play 2 instruments, the Piano and Drums.I live with my Mum,Brother,Dog and Cat. They all mean the world to me.

Thanks Cptwin I hope you liked my Application request.
From Sheepy246 (Your biggest fan because you made the best server ever!)
However, moderator applications are currently closed. They will re-open again within a certain time period when we're looking for new staff =) Good luck to you when that time comes around.