to all lolnet youtubers:


my name is Benzpie, and i am from the youtube channel BritishPieFox. i have recentely noticed the vast number of media producers on lolnet, and i started to wonder how we could all take advantage of this situation.

so i came up with L.A.M.P - Lolnet's Allied Media Producers.

the idea behind LAMP is that all members will support each other's youtube channels. this will be by the use of the featured channel option on youtube etc. members of LAMP will also have online meetings and organise events in which we (or as many of us as possible) play video games together, which will be uploaded to our youtube channels.
any lolnet youtube channels can join LAMP, as long as they meet and follow these conditions:
1) ALL member's youtube channels must be displayed CLEARLY on your own.
2) videos containing other LAMP members must have visible links to their channel, as well as a prompt to go to them.
3) all LAMP videos must make it clear that they are a LAMP production.
4) any foul play, breach of rules, or ongoing disagreement, and the youtube channel in question may be kicked out of LAMP.(this will be by majority vote, but I reserve the right to make an executive call).
5) rules can be changed or added by member consensus and a final call by myself.

to request membership, write a message stating so below. feel free to ask questions.

Members: BritishPieFox


Love to join man my channel meets all the requirments and just on q not sure if I read this right but what does L.A.M.P stand for?