Thresh the Chain Warden is OP


RIP Blitzcrank, because THRESH, is coming to town!

The new champion Thresh, has come out in League of Legends BETA, and I don't say this very often, IS OP. I'm pretty sure he's going to be the most banned champion in draft pick soon, just like Rengar :p.

His passive, Keeper of Lost Souls, permanantly increases his armor and magic resist, for each dead champion or large minion he gets close to.

His Q ability, throws a shackle and drags people towards him, or drags himself towards the enemy, similar like blitzcrank's and amumu's Q, but better i guess..

His E, throws out a lantern (that can go through walls), to a ally, if the ally clicks on the lantern, he can't be dragged back to Thresh. It could be very useful for when people need to escape, or when chasing.

His W is a unique spell, because it can be used in different ways. If the arrow is pointing towards the enemy, they get pushed back, if the arrow is pointing opposite the enemy, he/she gets dragged back to you a short distance.

His R, throws out a wall, similar to Veigar's E, but instead of stunning people when he leaves or enters the wall, it slows the enemy who are in the walls, and slows the enemy for 2 seconds if they walk out of the wall.

Here's a video :