This is the third time..


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First of all, I would like to request that this case is handled by an experienced staff member such as james137137 or Cptwin. I understand that they are busy and I am willing to wait however long that it takes. And if you are going to hate on me, please don't even read this.

Alright, I was banned on the 11th of June for "using mods that aren't " allowed. First of all, I never used mods that are not allowed on Lolnet. I believe there was a misunderstanding. I was banned from another server I play on for 2 days for abusive language so I decided to hang around on Lolnet in the mean time and catch up with some friends. I played on the other servers with mods that were mostly for pvp and allowed on that particular server. Before I logged into Lolnet, I made a backup of my minecraft.jar and then force updated so I was vanilla. I joined Taxmans faction and killed TheChosenOne in warworld. He claimed that I was hacking and took all my loot from my inventory and told me that they were from creative anyway which should not be allowed. I did not really mind though, I was sick of fighting people so i went into Pluto world and started hanging out with Bambam and Chipsz, built a grinder etc. After my ban expired on the other server, I replaced my minecraft jar and started playing on these again. But then I needed to talk to BamBam about something so I quickly logged back into Lolnet to see who was on. As I told christp123, for some reason minecraftsp with mods lagged me really bad and I told chris i was quickly going to get rid of all my mods again. Then he started interrogating me because I think he thought that I was using those mods on Lolnet. Here is the list of the mods;
-Armor Status
-Potion Status
-Reis Minimap
-Sprint toggle

Now I want to repeat myself, these mods are ALL FOR THE OTHER SERVER I PLAY ON. I didn't use any of these mods on Lolnet and I was completely vanilla.

I am honestly sick of getting blamed for things that I haven't done on Lolnet. Im going to be honest. I like Lolnet but I feel that Cptwin it needs to be more picky when choosing moderators. I'm only talking about a few of the mods and I will not give any names so please, don't take this personal. I have been getting blamed for hacks since the day I started playing WarWorld and I am honestly sick of this. Spicy orange banned me a few months ago because I raided his faction with my friend and his proof was "I heard someone fall in lava but neither of youse died". I mean... really? Now Christp and TheChosenOne claim that I use mods. Where is your proof? You cant just assume that someone is hacking if they are better than you. Some people need to man up and understand that they won't always win. So take defeat like a man and don't whine about it. I would like to be unbanned because I want to play on Lolnet with the few amount of friends I have when I need to chill out. I do not even want to play Warworld anymore, All i want to do is build etc. Sorry for the long post. I am not really good at getting my thoughts into words especially when I am frustrated so excuse me if some things don't make perfect sense. As I said before I would really like an administrator to take care of this and I am willing to wait if they are busy.



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All you concentrated on in your appeal was "mods" that you supposedly used.
This was not the reason that you were permanently banned.

The reason you were permanently banned was due to abusing others via chat and that because it was the third chance we had given you at following the rules, a permanent ban was given.

While I can understand your excitement in War World at beating others, and the fact that others were complaining that you were allegedly hacking would cause you to be blunt, the rules since day one have been that we don't tolerate abuse of any player.

Some of the stuff you said is exactly the opposite of what anyone wants to see in chat and almost at a point I would consider you need counseling.

If you or anyone would like a copy of the logs to go through I would be more than happy to email them, this includes you Yamachov.


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First of all thank you for your quick response. But I have been punished for the things I said in chat you can check my bans on that. The most recent ban I got was because of the mods people thought I was using. Yes I did have a bad mouth, I still do actually but I have been trying my best to keep all that stuff out of the game. As I said before, I do not want to play WarWorld anymore. All I want to do on Lolnet is to hang and build with the few friends I have when I need to chill out.