Things I think would help improve Lolnet.

I am posting a bunch of stuff I feel I need to tell someone about. I will list reasons, with explanations and reasoning and would appreciate any feedback, or additions to this post.

1. It is obvious that Survival is the most played server, with well over half the servers population on there at one time, so in my opinion, in order to get people out of their comfort zone, it would be great to see integrated rewards for playing other servers, such as Earnable titles displayable around the Lolnet servers. Things such as SkyLord, from the skyblock server, Survivalist, from the survival games server HC-Pro, from the Hardcore server, etc. etc. If these could be added to a persons name, with the person able to use a command to pick and choose which Title they would like to display, if they have earned multiple, would be an awesome addition to the Lolnet server, and would encourage players to branch out, trying out all the different servers. Perhaps have an honours board, displaying people who have earned the most titles, or something of the sort.

2. A creative flat-lands world available to all players, who have access to World Edit. Now, I know to some this seems a bad idea, but many, if not most Admins wish to have more Lolnet builds, and with many up and coming servers and games, many require maps, or Games, and if you had this world, along with Titles, it would encourage more people to build amazing things for Lolnet. Perhaps an idea for this is to make the flatlands map with partitions of about 100x100 for the new people, and have WE with limited blocks, such as a limit of 1000 for new people, and as they get their builds seen to, and Builders with higher ranks, such s Krimzin, Chris_tp and of course, Schnicks, who could yea, or nay the builds, and promote people with higher potential a higher rank, which would enable them to have a higher WE block limit, bigger space, etc.
Also, Special rewards if someone gets a game or map published. I believe an idea like this could get Lolnet far more recognised as a great server. Now, about the lag issue of 20 people using World Edit at the same time, this can be easily fixed by having only a certain amount of people allowed into the server at one time, and having another server for Builders with a higher rank to have a less laggy environment, and be around people and builds of their level, and perhaps when a builder has reached a high enough rank, they could be able to use WE and claim regions in Survival, or be apart of a Lolnet build team, which could feature on the Lolnet youtube channel.

3. many people, such as myself, I will admin, don't ever use the forums. This post will probably only be seen by few, although, most of the higher-ups. The forums need a re-work, and perhaps from time to time, you can add in different things such as rewards, secret in-game tunnels, where they can redeem items, etc. Perhaps, make players have to post messages to be whitelisted for server Beta-testing if any new servers are going to be added in future, etc. I believe many people have great ideas that they want to share, but don't use the forums for they are, to be quite honest, unappealing.

thank you for reading this, please, do feel free to comment ideas, but don't shut down ideas completly, offer advice as to what you think should be done instead, ir add to ideas.
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I think the earning medals thing with the wall of honour/Hall Of fame is quite Cool, its a good idea but maybe for the skyblock medals when u reach lvl 10 ect... ect... u get a medal... lvl 50 bigger better medal thing :)
I love that idea but just wanted to add to it :)


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We're working on inter-server rewards :p

I like the idea of opening up the creative server as at the moment it sees little to no one on it.
In terms of World Edit, I'd much prefer just creative mode as World Edit would have to be limited to under 500 blocks per player (and a limit of 10 players) which is not enough for anything major. This would also require a completely custom plugin, which we could code, but it wouldn't be high on the list of things to do at the moment.

This is always difficult, I think you definitely gain more from jumping onto mumble and onto the forums.
I've had some suggestions of having forum based games, maybe we could offer in game rewards for winning these.
Always open for suggestions on getting more players to jump on the forums! :D
Awesome, thank you Cptwin for that information. Regarding the forum getting more attention, how about making comments have "like" or "Agree" or "Helpful" buttons next, so people with thoughtful and knowledgeable posts can earn rewards from the amount of attention it gets. I know theres a problem with users creating new accounts, or getting their friends to like everything, but you can check if they actually deserved these "+1's" and if not, remove them, or remove rewards from the user, id suspected cheating occurs. And I do like the idea of games, but the issue here is getting users to use the forums, and read about, ask questions and offer help where they can, not just to play games. Not shutting the idea down, but perhaps it can be improved, such as they earn more from the games, the more they post, or have +1's?


I like the idea of a creative world open to all, and i would like to add the maybe say like each month or so there is build that people could have a going at making such as if CapWin wanted to add another HG map people could have a go at making one to what ever if any theme was wanted. This would give people on the server who think they are a good builder, and wanting to a build of theirs to be used by lolnet a chance to show what they have got. :)


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Just to put both ur options in one with the creative world for a start u could make a public day of the week where people Show off their building skills and by the end of the day someone eg. cptwin, 0zlw ect ect could pick a winner and they could get a title for that week or so :D

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Lots of work for admin to hold a weekly contest though. Plus opens up constant bitching of "why haven't you judged builds this week yet! Mine is awesome" and then the work of giving a title. And the arguements over why someone thought their build should win. The 1-2 hours a week admin would spend on this is better put elsewhere. JMHO.