The Return Of Lolnet Build Off

Lolnet Build Off Returns!

Event Memorandum
Time:23rd November 2013, 05:00pm
Entry Fee: $10,000 Per Team

How The Event Works:
Depending on the number of teams registered. At the start of the event, each teams will be assigned plots to construct their builds in. The builds will have to be based on a theme that you will be told on the day, just before the start. You will all be given 20 minutes to complete the build.

The winning team will be decided by the Lolnet Staff.
It Will Be Judged On:
Relativity To The Theme
Creative Elements
The Space Used
Blocks Used

The teams will consist of 2 players.

To enter the event, simply post your and your partners in game name, in an comment below. The fee's must be paid at least 1 day prior to the event.

For Further Questions Contact TheChosenOne_NZ or Comment Below.

Thanks For Your Time

Till Then Happy Building!

-Maximum Of Four Teams Allowed.
-You Will Be Given Creative For The Event

Paid Teams:
Team One: Rixx03InTheHouse & IceCubesBurning:- Paid & Entered
Team Two: eveis4ever & Im_Kuzz:- Paid & Entered
Team Three: JohnnyEC & xDilligaf09:- Entered, payment needed.
Team Four: Xwing669 & dezil_nz:- Paid & Entered

Terms & Conditions:
-If you register and do not turn up, there will be no refund.
-You cannot participate with 1 member missing.
-Last minute member change is allowed, but must be approved by one of the event organisers.
-You may not copy other peoples designs or elements in any form.
-Stay in your assigned area and do not leave it via any means, eg; warp or /home.
-Not Starting or finishing in the given time frame will result in deduction of points.


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xDilligaf09 & JohnnyEC.

Also will the even be done in creative? as you havent stated if its done in Survival or Creative.



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TechnocratX said:
Who won the build off, and where's the pics?

I've made a post somewhere in the Forums (Believe under the Minecraft server section) showing the winners and the pictures. :)