The opposite to an introduction: Goodbye.


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Yeah, well. I've had my fun on here. But my life has more important things now, such as school and work. As I posted in the VIP forum, I would like my VIP status given to Pebbles777.

Thankyou Lolnet users and Staff for the great memories.

K, bye.


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Adios(Bye) Zell :p
Visit Lolnet once in a while!
I remember when you first welcomed me to lolnet the first time I joined :D It is now I return the favor with a 'Farewell' You may have been annoying sometimes but you still are a good guy Bye bye Zell, Au Revoir!

Kind Regards

Zells a guy? Well u learn something new everyday. Good bye pal, visit lolnet now and again :D. Also next time try not to kill me.
- everyone's fave person