The Ghost and Psycho Bob say hi...


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Hello everyone, im the Ghostyboi you can call me Ghost or Kehua to save space if you want. Im not a Ghost or a boy im a grown man who plays minecraft with his kids when possible. I've been on this server for about a week building away with my mate Psycho_bob_nz who is also a big kid like me, he say hi. Psycho Bob got me into this game back in early 2010. Psycho has been playing it since mid 2009 shortly after its release on pc. I play a multitude of other games for fps, rts and mmo but always found myself coming back to minecraft and its simplicity yet endless creative possiblities. Psycho and myself enjoy building stuff, We never seem to have a clear plan on what we want to build we let it develop as we go along. I like building high, Psycho likes build low. We run lan games at our homes with other mates and up until the LAN ability becoming availible in SP, we use to run our own servers using basic commands, We never got too much into the plugin side of things.