>Tfw PB strikes again


This is my battlefield account.

Oops forgot I had a FXAA injector didnt realise it was bannable but gg EA


Anyway anyone know how to appeal for a ban which is for using an approved software?
JK I ACTUALLY DID USE A HACK, I'm here to give a lecture about hacking to all.

Unless you can afford the money to buy the game again and dont care about stats go ahead but if you care about precious numbers dont do it.

It was fun I might add to have no recoil and wallhacks but in the long run I cant play the game again.

The confusing part is i stopped using the hack awhile ago and got banned without it on so PB is pretty good, anyways lesson learned. Anyway Back to any other game that is abusable.

I just realised I got frozen on rank 69 I see I still get the last laugh EA.

Ps. Felt like coming on forums as I haven't for awhile And I see the server is coming along nicely GJ all keep at it


Minecraft Username
Bahahaha nice!

I got banned from Counter Strike 1.6 ages ago!

But unlike you I didn't get to have any fun! Someone used a hack on their steam account and got banned, then obviously I logged in at a later point on the same computer (with the hack still installed, but not using it) and account got ban hammered as well...
Decided I'd jump on a non-vac secured server and have fun with the hack, till I realised everyone else was hacking and then it just turned into who had the fastest hack/bot...

Good times :lol:

Don't do hacks kids! Admins can find you in T minus 2 nek seconds :p