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What texture packs (if any) do people use? At the moment I use BDCraft but looking at changing things up. Would be nice to see what are the most popular packs people use here, what people's builds look like in their own packs, and what my builds look like in other people's packs.


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Kasiar said:
FaMatrix said:
I mostly use Soartex Fanver / Soartex Invictus on all of modpacks and vanilla minecraft, gives modern feels, both are 64x textures, I'll show you some screenshots via OneDrive:
https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=E ... =folder%2c
That's a nice pack, will definitely try that one.
EMPEthan said:
I think that one would lag my crappy laptop but looks awesome.
There's both Demo version (128x) and Full version (512x) for Realistico, works with Shader very well, but can turn your laptop into frying pan..!