Teknet - Tekkit server in association with LoLnet


Hey guys, Nitroform_ and I have Got a Tekkit server we are just making some finishing touches to things like spawn and the mall.

But you are able to connect on Friday night when we release the IP of the server and get a head start on the other people that will join later, at the moment we are based of a home PC/internet connection this will change in the near future if we get enough interest in the server

For anyone that has not heard of Tekkit, its a more technical version of minecraft.
You can make things that generate power such as geothermal generators or watermills or even solar panels. as well as things like quarry that will automatically mine down to bedrock while putting everything it mines into chests. oh and did i mention jet packs? yeah that's right you can build jet packs how awesome is that.

To get the Tekkit Launcher Click the link below :

this will automatically download and then all you need to do is run it. then when it pops up click the drop box on the top left and select Tekkit. after you have selected Tekkit it will install a few files then you just log in with your normal Minecraft log in.
(for users that do not have a payed for minecraft account currently we are not sure if you can crack the Tekkit launcher to log in for free but we are looking into it)

To get the texture pack that works with Tekkit click the link below:
(you will need 7Zip Or WinRar)
Download PureBDcraft
Once you have downloaded PureBDcraft using the link provided above you need to download the Tekkit side of the texture pack, what this dose it add all the tekkit textures to the original texture pack which have been edited to suit the PureBDcraft texture pack

To get the Tekkit textures for PureBDcraft:
You can have a 128-bit texture pack which looks very clean but on slower computers can create problems with your Frames per second
If you have a lower spec computer there is a 64-bit texture pack which still looks clean but isn't as crisp as the 128-bit
TekkitPack 64-bit
TekkitPack 128-bit

After downloading both PureBDcraft and one of the Tekkitpacks you will need to open both the zip files using your 7zip or Winrar downloads from above.
To do this you need to double click both zip folders then copy the files from the tekkitpack folder into the PureBDcraft folder.
once you have done this you need to add the PureBDcraft Texture pack folder that you have updated with the tekkit textures into the tekkit texturepack folder
to do this you need to
click on start type %appdata% then hit enter and go into .techniclauncher then click tekkit and finally click on texturepacks and copy your PureBDcraft zip folder into texturepacks and that should be it

When you open tekkit click texturepacks and select PureBDcraft
It may freeze for a few seconds while it is trying to apply the texturepack but this is a normal thing

If there is any questions post them on this forum or ask sitggyla on lolnet
Hope to see you guys online someday soon

Thanks to Cptwin for letting us post this on your forums