Tekkit Temporary Test Server


Now that you have had plenty of time to try out the hack/mine server i will be putting up a tekkit server as many people want to try it.

The server is not up yet and i will post again when it is online.

At the end of testing as many server mods as i see fit i will put up a poll and you will vote on your favorite this will then hopefully become a full time modded server.

Cheers Lord_Mega :D



OK the tekkit server is up make sure you have the technic launcher select tekkit but before logging in make sure in options you have development builds ticked as the server is running the newest build which is a development one the server address is the same as the hack/mine server which is eliteservernz.servegame.com

once again it is limited to 4 people max if you have any problems post in this forum and tell me what you think.

Have Fun :D

Cheers Lord_Mega :D


Hi Lord_Mega,

I have been looking for a good New Zealand Tekkit server for ages. I have been playing on KiwiCraft ( but this is no longer active.

I have just logged into your server and like what I see so far. I live in Christchurch Central and it is running really smooth for me.

The big issue with Tekkit right now is EE. I not mind if this is included or excluded. EE has cool items but makes the game to easy I feel. What is your views on EE?