Survey Eternal players on server update/new world?


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It seems the MC Eternal server basically hasn't been touched or updated in over a year.
Since then, the pack has been updated significantly, from 1.3.x to 1.4.x, with patches and new mods.
Also, the map is full of abandoned bases that also haven't been touched in a year or more.
Plus it seems to be a vanilla world instead of having BoP variety, which is a shame.

Maybe it's time to consider an update/reset (preferably with BoP active)?
I realise other players might not share my view and I wouldn't want to impose on them, so maybe someone on staff could survery the playerbase to see if they'd be interested?


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If it happens it'll take way more than one person asking for it. Policy is we don't reset the overworld, I could imagine if the server has reached a point where we say we'd remove the server and spun that into a full reset of the pack that might be an idea.

Though I think I've seen enough recent eternal chat that it isn't dead enough to qualify.