Super Saturdays v1.0


Ladies & Gentlemen,

Introducing Lolnet's Super Saturday's! Super Saturdays are fun packed day, which consists of multiple events in a row, and a lot of chances for you to win LolCoins! Its a bit like Sunday Funday but instead its on a Saturday!

Whats Planned:

Starting At 3:30pm

Treasure Hunt
How It Works:The Idea is to find signs around spawn which says diamonds, and each sign you find will give you 1 diamond. There is also 3 signs placed called Mega Diamonds, which give you 10 diamonds. The event is hosted within the spawn area, that consists of buildings and paths, not in the jungle area

Who Can Enter: Everyone

Host: IceCubesBurning & xDilligaf09
Venue: Survival Spawn

Starting At 4:30pm

SkyLord Championships
How It Works: The idea of the event is to test players parkour and survival skills around islands. You will be spawned in a lobby where you will be allocated a gate. Once you walk inside that gate you will be spawned on an island and from there you must knock everyone off into the void and last man standing wins.

Who Can Enter: All active SkyBlock Players, to check for eligibility ask one of the staff members.

Whats The Reward:
- 1st Place: Title of (&c[SkyLord] &r) & 2200 LolCoins
- 2nd Place: 1500 LolCoins
-3rd Place: 1100 LolCoins

Host: TheChosenOne_NZ
Venue: SkyBlock Server

Starting At 5:30pm

Announcements & Staff Promotions
How it works:During this event, we will be announcing some important notices that may be useful for you. And alongside that we will also be promoting some of our staff members. This will be streaming live at

Reward: A chance to earn LolCoins by being the first person to post a special code on our Twitch chat.

Host: 0zlw & TheChosenOne_NZ
Venue: Lobby or Survival Spawn Stage

Starting At 6:00pm

Release Of CreativeFreeBuild 1.8
How It Works: This server is a FreeBuild server. What this means is that you can go around and build anything you want and do anything you like, but...yes there is a but...rules must be followed, what this means is if you intentionally try to lag the server, you will be banned, if we see you greifing you will be temporarily banned. Because this server is pure vanilla, your build is your responsibility, if it gets greifed we cannot do anything about it.

Reward:First person to build a ginger bread house, which gets approved by KrimzinOriginal will win 1200 LolCoins!

Host: KrimzinOriginal & TheChosenOne_NZ
Venue: VanillaFreeBuild/Lobby

Starting At 6:05pm

Release Of Modded Vanilla 1.7 Servers(Kingdom & Adventure Pack)
How It Works: This server is a modded server, a bit like Feed the Beast, and requires you to download and launch from Lolnet Launcher. After you have launch the program, either select Kingdom or Adventure Pack ModPack and click play. These packs are full on, and include some of the best mods I have personally seen in a while, eg having the ability to sleep on the floor, or watching NPCs build their own village!

Host: dezil_nz
Venue: Lobby/Modded 1.8 Servers


For any further queries feel free to contact TheChosenOne_NZ via forums mail.

Reminder All Times Are Local To New Zealand.
Hope to see you all there!