SupDoxx's Tower Control Competition! Win $$$!


Hey guys, I'm going to throw a Tower Control match hopefully on Sunday this week (may be postponed if I have something on that day or if there is not enough players). It's a PVP game about capturing towers to your advantage, and winning when you capture your enemy team's towers. There will be 16 player spots available. And the winning team, gets $5000 each for each player! (Prize money may be increased).

For those who don't know what Tower Control is, here is what it is:

Unfortunately, the weaponry isn't as good, as you only get a wooden sword, and snowballs...(I'm too selfish to supply you with Iron stuff :p).

This competition WILL be filmed, and posted on my Youtube Channel for you to enjoy :).
My Youtube Channel :

So if you want to join, simply reply below : I WANNA JOIN! and you will be added to the queue list :D

Thanks for reading this!