Sunday Funday Lolnet v1.0!

On Sunday 22nd June 2014, Lolnet Presents....


Starting At 2:30pm New Zealand Time: WarWorld Border Extension!

In this event, our current WarWorld will be given a soft reset, by increasing the current world border limit, so players have access to more areas. This event is a soft reset and nothing will be lost or regenerated. Full WarWorld reset is to be followed in the near future.

Event Hosted By: Almighty TheChosenOne

Starting At 3:00pm New Zealand Time: Lolnet Annual Lolyumpics!

Want to come compete in the greatest games on earth? This coming Sunday Lolnet will be hosting the Lolympics! There will be 8 different events, each described below. Sign up now for the ones you want to compete in, and be quick because space is limited! But, be sure to read all of the rules first, because you will be disqualified for breaking any of the rules, no second chances given!

For More Information:

Event Hosted By: Young & Charming Cashm0

Starting At 5:00pm New Zealand Time: Lolnet Announcement & Staff Promotions!

This event will contain important notices from the Administration Team, and information about upcoming events. Along side this there will also be staff promotions.

Event Hosted By: Old & Boring Admins

Starting At 5:30pm New Zealand Time: Lolnet MiniGames Server Release!

This event contains the release of a MiniGames Lobby, which is a huge and good looking lobby that contains portals to MiniGames servers such as MobArena, PaintBall, TnTRun and so on. Though for this event, we will only be releasing the lobby it self and possibly MobArena, which is time dependant. MobArena will be released in beta version, and there will possibly be no rewards, apart from the fun factor, until its properly released. Hidden within this lobby will be various rooms, and ways for you to score your self some perks. EmeraldVIP's+ will have a special perk, which can be turned on at any time using '/effect' command. Heres A Sneak Peak:


Event Hosted By: Almighty TheChosenOne

During this action packed Sunday Funday event, there will be several chances to win prices and hopefully (shh don't tell anyone) LolCoins! For any further queries feel free to contact TheChosenOne_NZ via forums mail.

Hope to see you all there!