Suggestions for me!



This is a topic about some suggestions for my new PvP arena. I am planning to make a PvP arena, and like BBoylol15 and daxern, to invest a big amount of time and effort into it. For a long while, I have been gathering materials and trading goods to earn money for the final PvP-allowing payment, and to build the arena itself. Gathered items include: A tonne of snow, Stone bricks, Leaves, Grass, Vines and Wool, a bit of diamonds and enchanted goods, lava and about 1 year of Minecrafting skills :lol: (The time before I gave up Minecraft for school needs + 3 months now).

Anyway, to the point of this post. I have submitted this post to ask for suggestions for possible themes, gameplay rules and concepts fron you guys! Please make a lot of suggestions :D.

Thanks, DaveTheDominator.


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To be honest there are tons of PVP arenas. Noreal use of it to be honest. But if you. Wish to go ahead feel free.
Suggestions: Build something that hasn't been builder before. Make it special and your own