Stolen Items


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Hello, I had been stolen of my items. A lil while ago me and krimzin were exploring the pluto jails. And we find a lava exit, to my dismay it was a drop off fall and when i jumped
I died and lost my items. I had Krimzin get them but when he thought i was at spawn reclaiming them someone else took them. Please come online in-game ASAP PLEASE!

EDIT: I saw ryanjem at spawn with my diamonds set and holding a hoe? coincidence? i think those are my stuff =.=. He only gave back my hoe, when i asked for the rest he logged out i have screenshots to prove it.

EDIT 2: He already gave back my armor and some other stuff but please check his items he might still have i dont know about :(.

EDIT 3: After getting my stuff he also stole leon'es iron armor chest. please ask them about the details