Starcraft 2 Players


Just wondering if anyone on the forum has or is interested in Starcraft 2? It's basically free to play with minor limitations, see Here.
First 5 campaign missions, all arcade games & all none-competitive multiplayer when in a party with a friend.
Personally if you haven't played it and have a slight interest in the RTS genre it's well worth giving a try, in my personal opinion it's one of the best games I have ever seen or played.
I currently haven't ranked this season due to lack of motivation but will be willing to help anyone or just play for fun :) That said I'm a Master League level random.
If you want to know any more or want to play some time feel free to add me via my realid email so you can find me in any Blizzard game [email protected] or just throw me a message on the forum or catch me on Discord some time.