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Hey guys, I am hosting an event alongside a UA and a Mod. This will be my First event as being User Assistant, so it would be Cool and nice if you guys could come along and play and win some prizes and more :) If you die, you will be either spectating or waiting for the next round. *How do we play and win?* Well, their is going to be 3 rounds but for 3 of you guys their would be 4. Everyone is going to be spawned on the spleef platform and when the host says go! you guys must dig the blocks underneath one of the players, The objective of the game is to be last man standing, Once that person has won , he/she would be heading to the finals, remember their are 3 rounds so you guys would have a chance for the next round, once all winners from each round has won, they will be facing each other in a 1v1v1, The last person standing would be announced *Spleef Champion* Their would be a 1st 2nd and 3rd place winner.

First place winner: 64 diamonds and $15000
Second place winner: 32 diamonds and $10000
Third place winner : 16 diamonds and $5000
Time/date : NZ time 5:30, Saturday 22nd November
Rules : Listen to the host and bring a diamond shovel or enchanted. (I can provide)

Hope to see you guys there :)
-UnkOut :pig: :)