So I did a thing.. [My Gaming PC]



Alrighty, after being plagued with framerate lag and burning laptops I decided to venture out for the cure and custom build my own gaming PC.

For the CPU, Motherboard and RAM I just stole the parts from my brother as he just upgraded to DDR4 RAM and an i7-4770k. I was left with a core i5-3470 @3.2GHz (which I'm planning of upgrading around boxing day with an NZXT Kraken x61 closed loop water cooling system)---WATER COOLING ADDED!, 16GB RAM (4x4gb) and an ASUS P8B75-M Motherboard.

Oh, and the case is a NZXT H440. :D

As some of you may know, PB Tech just had their Black Friday sale [RIP Bank Account].
From this I got a Samsung 840 EVO 128gb SSD, a CM V550 -550W 80+ Gold PSU, as well as a GTX 970 graphics Card (gigabyte windforce model).

The GTX 970 is huge, I had to remove a drive bay to get it in :p

Once I had put everything in, plugged in all the cables, cable tied said cables I went to turn it on and nothing. Not a thing happened.
I forgot flip the switch on the back of the PSU lel

Here she is in all her glory - I think I'm either going to get some soft white LEDs or Blue.. Maybe in between the two, a kind of Frost Blue or something.

To Do:

-Thread the cables, like this

-Upgrade CPU


I'm quite proud of it, after years of building PCs with my brother it's nice to finally build one I can call my own. :)

Boot time is around 10-15 seconds :D



Nice PC Man! I also have a H440 (White) and love it :D
Have fun with the high fps, you will never go back now :p


May our framerates be high and our temperatures low!
(PC Master Race :p )

What are your temps like with the H440?, I've heard things about it not being the best with airflow but only affecting it by a couple of degrees. Do you have liquid cooling or fan? :D