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Soo I've noticed, and I think a lot of other players has as well, that the Bloodmoon, which is a quite cool feature, happens way to often. I decided to write down every time it did/didn't happen, and soo far it's around 40%~50% when it's Bloodmoon, which means almost every other night is Bloodmoon. It makes soo the Bloodmoon feels more as a punishment then a Feature, cause Bloodmoon really have some ups and downs, like it's nice that a lot of mobs are spawning, but it can also cause of a lot problem, like when the mobs can spawn on lit areas/close to other mobs, when it's bloodmoon, they can spawn outside a mob spawner/grinder and then it becomes a super problem.
But anyway, I think how often the Bloodmoon happens should be "nerfed", I would say to like 30%~35%, cause then I think it'd feel more as a feature then punishment, because then you might be happy about it, cause you'd get more drops from your mob spawner/grinder.
That's my little rant.

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the funny thing about this is I have looked at the % chance and it is no were near 50%, but it is a chance I have had hours on the server with no blood moon or 1 in 10 and I like it

if we put it at a 30-35% chance we will be raising the chance not decreasing it


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Oh, okeyy, guess I'm just super unlucky then, if it's lower then 30-35% and I'm getting it like every other night when I'm online FeelsBadMan