Setwarp Command Help


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Hi I recently put a /setwarp down and failed also it took my 9000 dollars away but i want to redo it, so how do i do the command and how do i put on a sign. Also when i did the command it said

"Creates a Warp"
"/setwarp <warp>"



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First of all read the sign at spawn.
This may be helpful.
1. Look in the direction that you want the warp to go.
2. go /setwarp [WarpNameHere]
3. Make the name meaningful (as stated at spawn)
Did something wrong? Make a /modreq Mods/UserAssistants/Admins will be right on it.
Cost for warps and the redos.
Redo - 5k
Cost - 9k

If this didn't help maybe try james137137 or TheChosenOne as they have made the tutorial.

Hey JohnnyEC,

James is looking into this, your money will be returned to you shortly in game. But as stated, the command is /setwarp [NameHere]. It may charge you if you only do /setwarp, james is currently looking into solving that.