Server World Ideas


Hey guys, It's Cyber here.

I just wanted to post some ideas I had for some worlds/servers that could be added to Lolnet. Here are the ideas...

It's something I think Lolnet is missing. I love mini games like spleef, hide and seek and tnt run and in some rare occasions, they do happen, but not enough. I minigames server with a lot of minigames would be cool, and I think others would love them too.

Now, I know that there was a MineZ server, but it never really did happen, and when it opened, all we really did was screw around. If MineZ worked like the MineZ servers, it would make a great addition to lolnet.

I love playing RPG games, and I like going on Minecraft RPG servers (With RPG Type mods), seems like a far shot, but it would be a cool addition to lolnet.

A vanilla style server with absolute no plugins or mods at all seems like a possible idea, but it could be boring for a few players.

Those are the Ideas I had for some servers/worlds that lolnet could have, It'd be great to see them happen.

Cyber :D