Server still down?


i recon do we know whats happening cos its been down for a while now does anyone have an update?


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CptWin said:
Hey guys, don't worry I certainly haven't forgotten about you all!

Basically we are moving to something awesome that will definitely work 100%

For all those that have donated recently, I will be moving your 12 months to the date that we move to this new server and I'll add a couple of months just because I feel so bad that the server has been down for so long.

The move will open up new opportunities to allow us to host events like, the hunger games (suggested/organised by 0zlw and ZOMBIE_APOCALIPS) and a biweekly sponsored creative building competition (I'm lining up some sponsors so you guys can win some Steam games and maybe some computer hardware/peripherals)

So hang in there, we'll be back soon!

Please see that notice that Cptwin posted today around 1pm in regards to the server.