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This post is written as an informative post, to inform people about a decision that affects them as well as to provide an alternative side to some comments about me, and about a mutual deal that was reached between a user. This is an explanation and a response to these extremely distasteful and unsavory comments, as well as very unfair in nature.

The Lolnet Economy

The economy forms both one of the key backbones of Lolnet and is one of the things that offers an attraction to users, to keep them interested in the game and give them goals and things to achieve. We take pride in being one of the New Zealand servers that runs a very successful economy model (For instance, 72 people online for the opening of Buymore), unlike some other New Zealand servers, where an economy doesn't exist in a server run basis, or where they charge you for the privilege of being able to change your hard work and effort for money. An economy done rightly offers people a challenge and adds an exciting experience to Minecraft gameplay. A poorly designed economy does none of this, instead allowing money to flow freely and for the game to become un-challenging and losing an aspect of what makes Minecraft, well Minecraft.

As the Admin who primarily takes responsibility for this area of gameplay, I take pride in knowing that I try to build an economy where people have to work, and work hard for what they earn, they have to pump endless hours into activities so that they produce a worthwhile profit at the end of the day. As hopefully you recognize, a well designed, well controlled and police economy not only makes the game fun, but keeps it fair for everyone.

Some rules are needed to make this happen, like ensuring Donators act properly, and that people are not given unfair advantages from staff to enable them to make a profit.

Here we arrive at the crux of the matter. A well respected member of Lolnet who has worked hard to build a farm that earns him a passive income of $70,000 a day. Conservatively, that equates to roughly $200,000 a week, or around $800,000 a month. Under the new economy these are large sums of money, because most people have to work hard to achieve a profit.

Whats the issue here? Well to get this passive income, he received special assistance from Staff, who did wanding of an area of around 4 million blocks, approximately half of this requiring the removal of around 2 million blocks. Ever tried asking a staff member to do this for you? I imagine no would be the response. This is why this is considered unfair and a privilege entitled to him, but not regular users.

This user is being entitled to money, totaling over $200,000 a week, which work for was not done solely by himself. The user has been entitled to money that other users would not be able to be earned because he is a friend of staff members and so he got something done from them.

What precedent is there for this? User who have built farms in creative previously have had those removed, as well as a standard no wanding rule for farms has been typically enforced since this issues originally occurred around the middle of last year.

With all of the above facts in mind, I reached the conclusion that the only thing fair to do was to remove the advantage that had been unfairly granted to him, leaving his farm in tact but otherwise returning the area around it into its natural state. The user bulked at that suggestion, under the pretense that he believe that this is an injustice, and something that is unfair to him.

After heated discussion a compromise solution was forged, offering him options for either a 70% tax rate, or to pay for the wanding at $0.50 each, totalling approximately 1 million dollars within 14 days (This originally started at 7). I believe that I made a genuine concession in light of the users work and effort as well as his contribution to the server.

However despite this, charge, being for work done by staff to him, to make it fair, the users continues to claim he has received an injustice34. I beg to differ. I believe the user by taking his stance is unfair to all the hardworking people of Lolnet who work hard to earn their money and get no special favours done by staff. Instead the response by this user is to complain about this and then say that he is being unfairly treated.

What I am doing is standing up for balance and fairness in the economy. Ensuring that all users are treated fairly. Allowing $200,000 a week to enter the economy that is not legitimately gained I feel is unfair, and I would not be a responsible Admin to stop this from occurring. This user feels outraged at his treatment, for reasons unbeknown to me, where other users would be treated the same, or even more harshly than he has been. I find his actions and his respect for the effort, work that people in the community put in to be very poor, as he at the same time, whinges about the situation he finds himself in, being asked to pay for unfair treatment provided to him.

This situation is not driven out of some ill-conceived hate for the user, but my attempts to protect the time and effort people invest on the server, and respecting those who put in significant time and effort, also known as all law-abiding users of Lolnet.

I find these users attempts to discredit me, my decision and his view of my decision as an injustice to be very poor to the standard I had held this person to.

This is my way of presenting my view of the case, and to provide an alternative view for people to consider when they make this decision for this case. I ask that people carefully consider the impact of $200,000 a week entering the economy, and ask users to consider how this devalues the hard work and effort that the people of Lolnet commit to, inside the server that we provide.

This is not an injustice against the user, but his reckless regard reflects a lack of respect for the community of Lolnet as a whole.


Usually I would never say this in a post, but for those of you that took the time to read and consider this, I thank you for your time and patience for reading such a lengthy piece of writing. I feel I need to clearly justify my decision and outline it, so that users can see there is clear reasoning for any decision being made.


this is the original post in the mod assist forums prior to this response.....


Firstly i would like to note i have posted this in the ModAssistant forum to limit the scope of the audience and the responses to those who should have a right to comment on this subject.

a few weeks ago i was taken on a tour of Nzgb's pigman farm after i showed interest in my own gold farm project, nzgb's farm as i was told at the time had the area around it cleared using world edit, which as i was lead to believe was perfectly fine as no items where being given to nzgb only land removed.... the subsequent rate of gold from this pigman farm i calculated to be around 4 stacks of nuggets in 5 minutes, which is a substantially higher rate than my own, which has cost me over 100k to build.
After a long period of having spawning issues i finally had a good night and day and made 70k worth of gold from my 99% finished farm, at which point 0zlw has contacted me to tell me that because the area was cleared using world edit i must either pay $1,000,000 to use my farm for 18 months or pay a tax of 70% for an unspecified amount of time, i reluctantly agreed to the 1million payoff and asked if i could slowly pay it off over around 5 weeks, at which point he countered and said 7 days or the 70% eventually i managed to get him to make it 14 days to come up with 1 million to pay for the removed blocks.

understandably i was frustrated that after weeks of my work thinking that what i was building was legitimate i get told that i must pay a ludicrous amount of money to effectively "rent" my build or give most of what it makes in tax.
after which, using social spy 0zlw noted i was going to tell someone about what had just transpired, and offered me a 50k discount on the 1 million if i kept silent, i found this offensive and i told him this.

at this point i am willing to counter your bombshell proposal with one of my own, 1.reimburse me for the time and building cost and roll back the entire farm
2.drop this completely

i will not pay the 1 million i would rather leave the farm to you than be taxed for my own creation.



I would also like to point out at this stage that although my gold farm is capable of the figures discussed above, i was not planning on sitting in this farm 24/7 effectively over running the economy with gold, this was more of a money on demand farm, yes i would have used it until i had a nice substantial balance, but not so much that the economy would suffer.

my respect for the economy and the people of this server remain mostly unchanged, and as for my "reckless disregard for the server and the economy" you just have to ask the members of lolnet who know me and talk to me to realise that this is completely untrue and i urge people to read what i have written in my original post and take what i have said into consideration, i am frustrated that i was mislead from the start which has lead to this situation, so therefore i wish to be reimbursed for a project that i have sunk much time into.

i am not trying to paint 0zlw in a bad light, i only state the facts at hand, 0zlw did come down VERY heavy on me for this but he and most mods/admin knew what i was building the entire time as i had been keeping them informed and in the loop with this project.

at no point was i told that i would not be allowed to benefit from this farm until last night when as i said the farm was finally operating at 99% capacity.

if 0zlw has a lower opinion of me now that's his choice, but think on this, if the rolls had been reversed, what reaction would you have had being bombed with that kind of thing after all that time thinking you where building something perfectly legitimate...
i do not believe 0zlw has some "ill conceived" hate of me, i just believe he has a habit of acting before thinking, a knee jerk reaction so to speak... had he taken the time to actually listen instead of being almost completely inflexible and overpowering then this situation could have remained simple and a solution might have been reached with less drama.

yes i have been given privileges not available to most users but i was also under the impression that donators where allowed to have mods/admin clear land with world edit... if this was not true i was not told.

and btw if you take what 0zlw has said as literal you will understand that no one will be allowed to make more than $200,000 in any one week without paying a tax or being questioned.....
as most of you will know many people on lolnet frequently make and spend just as much if not more than this on a weekly basis...

I feel 0zlw has tried to discredit me in his post, hopefully you the reader will be able to read the truth of the matter in these words


it seems i have been loaned some money to pay you 0zlw, so you will be receiving your $1,000,000 in game, however, i do not believe this entitles you to another million in 18 months time this money shall be a one off payment for the removal of blocks from my claim.


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No backsies... Tommy Made a good investment.. How do people make that kind of money irl.. Right place, right time. Tommy was in the right place at the right time.. You cant tell Mark Zuckerberg to give back millions of dollars cause he needed help with starting facebook.. Tommy is just lucky. We will now change this policy of wanding so it does not happen again... This is my view only


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You cant tell Mark Zuckerberg to give back millions of dollars cause he needed help with starting facebook..

lol the value of facebook settlements is in the 100s of millions