Serious Lag Issues Guys


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The server has been ridiculously laggy recently. Last night from about 8pm onwards, its been the lag where you cant even mine a block without it popping back there after 5seconds. The server didn't restart at the regular 11:30pm either, i thought the server restarted about 5times a day though? If this has been removed, i really think we need to bring it back... its 11am here and it still isn't fixed which means for the past 12hours, the server has been lagging really badly for everyone everywhere. I've had people come on, complain that the server is laggy and bad, and then left. A few people who are frequent users on here have also begun to tell me that they are getting tired of the lag etc and that they are beginning to look for a new server.

I really love Lolnet, when the mods and the admins are on, and there's no lag issues, it's a really amazing server. But... at the moment, i'm afraid i might be joining the server hunters if they server doesn't get back on track to being the fantastic server it was when i first started. I don't want to leave here, but at the moment, it's just losing the spark it had.. I understand that the admins and mods are busy, but we really need a bit more organization! If the admins and mods are busy with their lives, then we should look at getting a few more Mods that come on here often. I know Chosen, Tommy, Hazair, SamsinOzo, and myself are on here nearly everyday. Why not appoint a Snr Mod so we can get this whole Jr. Mod thing going and get a few more active staff members with more power to help and do stuff for the admins when they are busy? I think we need to get this ball rolling again because at the moment, we're hovering in limbo so to say. I would be happy to help with anything that i can and i know many others would be keen to help out as well.

This is definitely not a "Oi you guys wth?" Its just information i think should be put on here so others can offer their opinion or offer their help etc.
Cheers :)
Yea, from whats happening right now...I just totally have to agree with you. No staff is online, and I am helplessly watching users such as minemaster123 and draz swear and curse everyone.

Hope something is done about this.