Serious issue(s) with my VIP status...


Last night I donated $5NZD to the server, and in return 0zlw granted me Silver VIP status.

Well. There's a couple of problems that I have encountered...
The first being last night, after I'd gotten to be a VIP, the /warp command didn't bring up a list of warps. Instead it just told me I had no permission. Not an important issue, as such...
And the second, and most severe being that now I'm not a VIP at all. I can't change game-modes, nor do i have the Silver[VIP] title next to my name on the chat, instead I just have the plain, white [User] one... Um, also, my nickname is still "~McNugget", even though it doesn't display that I'm a VIP... Anyhow, when I tried to change it to test if that at least worked, it said I didn't have permission...

So, if you can do something about this, that would be amazing.
And I know you guys have a lot on your plate, so don't stress over it. :)
Thanks in advance, Zell.


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Yeah, VIP has some issues atm, primarily with permissions changes being rolled back, which means that when the server restart files with changes get overwritten. Cptwin needs to edit a file to make the changes permanent.


yeah totally solveable. just gotta wait for cptwin buddy, so max a couple of days issue but it'll get fixed and won't be an issue afterwards :)