Schnikz_NZ mentioned by Docm77 in one of his videos

XeGaming said:
Sooo I was watching some good old youtube stuff and I came across docm77's evil offline player killer but the doc said this..."someone sent me an idea Schnickz_NZ was it?"and I was like wot I rly need to post this pronto hahahaha

Here is the link of that vid:

I miss lolnet but need a prem and I think it would take a long time for me to save 1200 pesos (phil money) for a prem acc

lellllllll...... i wonder....wot was schnicks doing? :p we'll w8 for u to get a premium :p
oh and why me too?
because i got premium already >:3 muhahahahahahahaha ingame name: CC_de_bear