[Resolved] Moderator annoying players

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Fantastic servers, I have played Magic Farm 2 for a while and have recently been playing on your Monster server.

Monster has been a very fun and interesting (albeit easy after Magic Farm ) server, though sadly, recently there has been repeated issues with the mod 'clotting' and I have been advised to escalate this due to it's repeated nature. I'd like to state first that I would have preferred that it had not gone this far, but it has been repeated, so here it is.

I have been online during altercations between clotting and another player regarding him invading their base while visible and running around in their face and generally being annoying / abusing his tp powers.

I was online a few days ago (didn't take note when) during an heated conversation between TheTemptress and clotting over this behaviour and when asked to leave he mocked her and stated that "dezil wouldn't have given me these powers if I wasn't supposed to use them" and any complaint with "yeah, good luck with that" and other unapologetic, generally childish responses.

Immediately after this incident he repeated this behaviour with me, jumping into my house in front of me and running around like a tool. I (politely) requested that he leave, considering he had already had one complaint that night over this behaviour and after some dialogue he eventually left.

This behaviour was repeated with me today. I asked him to leave and advised that I would be making this complaint. He responded again childishly saying that he had the power therefore it was his to use as he saw fit and echoed his previous comments.

I was not composed enough to get screens of this issue, though many players were online at the time (very roughly 830pm NZ time, Saturday February the 15th - apologies for the approximate time) including Mintyyyy and Caotical (though I believe he was AFK at the time ) and other mods and players.

I have spent some time now on your Magic Farm server and found everyone there to be hard but fair and their behaviour helpful and respectful to other players. I really didn't expect this kind of behaviour or attitude from a mod on the monster server and am really surprised and sadly disappointed. He originally seemed quite nice. I realise mods have a job to do and occasionally they have to *surreptitiously* monitor players, but this is regular, intrusive, rude and not really the attitude that seems to be conducive to a happy minecraft server environment.

I bear clotting no malice, I'm not asking for any demotion or punishment, I'd just like to be left alone. And so it seems, would others.

I'm a peaceful player, I try to be helpful, polite and act in a mature manner when online. I live far away from anyone and set my outsider perms off in my town for the privacy. I just want to create my Great Machines of Doom in peace.

Thanks for the otherwise awesome servers,



EDIT I was *not* able to get screens and clarity.
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