Relax everybody, the General has arrived


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Hi all, I'm GeneralLeeInept and I'm new here.

I've been playing Minecraft on and off since early alpha. It was mostly off for a few years until a friend turned me onto modded Minecraft about 18 months ago, since then it's been on and on with a passion.

I've played through Crash Landing (one of the greatest gaming experiences ever), Agrarian Skies 2, Regrowth (0.7.4 to quest completion), gone long and large with the DW20 pack, dabbled with Infinity and a very brief try of TPPI.

Right now I'm playing through Regrowth again, and loving it again, and I've put a few hours into Infinity Evolved hard mode, where I decided I'd like to try it out SMP.

I've never played multiplayer Minecraft before - I played a lot of Q2,Q3,CS,CS:S,BF2 etc back in the old days, just never MC - so I went Googling for a server which would be ping and timezone friendly for Australia and I found you guys, I hope you don't mind me visiting :)

IRL I'm a 43 year old software engineer with two young children and I manage to squeeze a couple of hours of Minecraft into most nights.

I did join the server last night with a view to getting started but my youngest had radically different ideas and I had to abruptly log off not long after randomly teleporting to the middle of an icy nowhere.

Hopefully I'll get on for at least one decent session over the coming weekend and I can say hi to a few of you in game.


Hey there! Welcome to Lolnet! We love it when new people come on so don't worry about minding you visiting :) Hope you have a great time with us, and if need help, you can give us a shout :D


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Welcome to lolnet, fella :)