Regrowth reset quest book.


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Firstly i'm sorry if i'm in the wrong place posting and/or if it has been asked before. I couldn't manage to find a post regarding this.

All i'm asking is if there is a way to reset my quest book in the Regrowth mod pack. I was playing with another person a while back and I stopped playing. So i feel like starting fresh.

IGN: Raiderzz

On a side note. the journeymap that gets installed with Regrowth is version 1.8.8 while it requires 1.7.10.

Again, sorry if posted in wrong location or I missed a post of this.


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Which Launcher, Raiderz? we'll try and find Journeymap and make sure it's correct version for Regrowth modpack (Mc 1.7.10) -

Whenever you're next on Regrowth, you should be able to restart progression by opening book and look at bottom right, if not. I'll be happy to come online and help you out whenever you're on as well.


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I am using the Lolnet Launcher v1.0.6

I can't seen to find the button to reset progress.

Thank you and sorry for the trouble.