Read this before posting about the server being down


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Everyone Please be Patient. the server is down we know. Cptwin is doing his best to figure this out. We cannot tell you when it will be back up. Cptwin will say when he can. Thankyou


Good idea Schnicks, good idea
I was getting sick of the 'server down' posts


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Just to quote this for everyone which is accessible at the url of:

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0zlw said:
Current Server Situation:
Server Down - Issue Is Known

At the moment no one is able to enter or log on to the server, so for everybody there is no need to need to keep posting for an update on server status. Cptwin is currently working on the server back end to prevent crashing. We are working hard to resolve all causes relate to this situation. We are still not aware of when we will return to normal operations.

Your Patience is appreciate,

Status Update At@ 6:35pm - Wednesday 2 May

Notes on Server Crashing:

Okay, now I understand that people are extremely concerned about our server and that is great but we don't need twenty threads on the subject.

For everyone we are currently experiencing multiple crashes. This may involve an end related problem so we request that ALL USERS avoid going to the End.

If you have requests, importance information or otherwise on the topic of the server going down, or would like to update us as of the current status, please post on this thread only to create a central place for information distribution.